deadmodz-video-still med_deadmodz_rda_atomizer_1 BzXWqUiCIAAyrHh

The Deadmodz Clear RDA is a game changer! Featuring handblown clear Pyrex glass with the glass cap also serving as both the cap and the drip tip! Cap also has dual pre-punched air holes


  • 1 Piece Pyrex Glass Cap and Pyrex Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel Atomizer Base with Copper Center Post
  • Gold Plates Post Screws
  • 25.9mm O.D. – Glass cap
  • 35mm – Height from base of atomizer deck
  • 20.7mm Dia – Atomizer deck
  • 12.7mm O.D. – Drip tip
  • 7.6mm I.D. – Drip tip

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