Gorilla Warfare E-Liquid

Gorilla Warfare E-Liquid

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Is .270 a frosted croissant? Is it a shortbread cookie dipped in vanilla frosting? We aren’t sure, but we know that this light, buttery pastry e-liquid isn’t just for breakfast — it’s an all-day vape.

.270 Reloaded

What’s the only thing that can improve a buttery, flaky pastry smothered with frosting? A big spoonful of strawberry syrup, of course! The strawberry flavor in .270 Reloaded cuts right through the rich pastry base flavor to create an overall profile that’s sweet and tangy with a slight savory note to keep your palate interested.


.308 by Gorilla Warfare is all of your favorite summer fruit flavors in a single e-liquid. You’ll taste crisp, juicy pear, bright red strawberries and slightly musky honeydew melon in this juice. We won’t tell anyone if you drain the bottle in two days!


Have you ever heard of the Arnold Palmer? It’s a drink that’s half-and-half iced tea and lemonade. .45 by Gorilla Warfare is inspired by the Arnold Palmer, but it’s got some unique twists that could only have come from Gorilla Warfare. The tea half of .45 isn’t just black tea — it’s peach tea. The even more exciting twist comes from the lemonade side in the form of a sour blast of blue raspberry flavor.

.50 BMG

If you can’t afford a trip to Hawaii, .50 BMG gives you an opportunity to sample some of the most popular tropical flavors without leaving home. .50 BMG by Gorilla Warfare is a harmonious blend of pineapple and dragonfruit flavors that’s sure to ignite your love of the tropics.


Surely one of the most unique e-liquid flavors ever, 5.56 by Gorilla Warfare is the flavor of a succulent cactus sweetened with a bit of agave nectar. It’s the closest you’ll get to the deserts of New Mexico without incurring a serious air conditioning bill!

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