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The Hobo v2 RDA Clone by Infinite is now available! This precisely machined RDA is 22mm in diameter with 2 negative posts CNC machined into the deck and a Stainless Steel center 2 post design. The Hobo v2 RDA Clone by Infinite has 2 adjustable airflow holes on top as well as 2 side airflow holes to maximize flavor and has a generous amount of airflow. The outside ring of the Hobo v2 RDA clone by Infinite can actually be unscrewed from the deck to fully expose your build (instead of having to pull it off like many other RDA’s) while the o-rings provide a solid seal while you are dripping.



1x Hobo RDA Clone by Infinite

1x Bag of O-Rings, Extra Copper 510 Connection, Extra Middle Post

1x Hex Tool

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