Keep It 100 E-Liquid

Keep It 100 E-Liquid

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Blue Slushie

Okay, so the mythical electric blue raspberry doesn’t actually exist in real life. Who cares? We know that you buy it at the slushie station anyway. So do we.

Blue Slushie Iced

Blue Slushie Iced by Keep It 100 has the same great raspberry-strawberry flavor that made the original Blue Slushie e-liquid famous — now with added menthol. It’s more like a real slushie than ever!

Blue Slushie Lemonade

Blue Slushie Lemonade by Keep It 100 uses the same base as the rest of the Blue Slushie series but adds a creative new twist with the addition of a sour lemonade note. It’s a sweet and sour blast that you’re going to love!

Blue Slushie Tropical

Keep it 100 just keeps adding hit after hit to the famous Blue Slushie e-liquid lineup. Blue Slushie Tropical by Keep It 100 augments the famous blue slushie base with the flavors of tropical citrus and pineapple.

KiBerry Killa

Kiwi and strawberry thought that they were perfectly happy together. They didn’t know how blissful their relationship could truly be, though, until they added a third partner. With watermelon now a part of their happy family, their lives are complete.

Krunchy Squares

One of the best aspects of e-liquid is its ability to capture flavors that you’d never actually try in real life. French toast cereal with sweet cream? Yes, please!

Mallow Man

Keep It 100 could have kept things simple with Mallow Man. Instead, they layered this juice’s base marshmallow flavor with the note of savory burned sugar and the flavor of a buttery cookie. Yum!

Nilla Almond Milk

Nilla Almond Milk could be the start of one of the biggest trends in vaping in 2018. Are you tired of e-liquids that try to emulate the flavor of dairy milk and cream? Try this sweet vanilla almond milk e-liquid instead. It’s great alone or added to other e-liquids.

Peachy Punch

Peachy Punch is the ultimate e-liquid expression of the juice boxes that you loved as a kid. In this e-liquid, you’ll detect the flavors of peach, strawberry and apple.

Pink Burst

Pink Burst is the flavor of a famous pink candy square — you know, the bursty kind — that you always see in the checkout aisle at the supermarket.

Strawberry Milk

Do you like strawberry milk? So do we. If you’re still searching for the perfect creamy strawberry e-liquid, Strawberry Milk by Keep It 100 is the next juice that you need to try.

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