Mod Fuel E-Liquid

Mod Fuel

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Unlike many citrus e-liquids, Javelin is a lemonade e-liquid that really puts the lemon flavor forward. You’ll also detect some berry notes on the finish that give this juice the quality of an all-day vape.

Red Stone

Single-flavor e-liquids are becoming increasingly rare. With all of the blends out there using melon flavor notes, you might have an occasional craving for a juice that gets back to basics. Red Stone is it — it’s nothing but sweet watermelon.


Apple and berry flavors combine to create a tasty fruit combination that’ll keep you coming back.


Thorad is nothing but whipped cream with a bit of cinnamon and sugar folded in. It’s a juice that’s straightforward and delightful.


Titan is a smooth, sweet puree of pineapple. Blending sweet and tart flavors perfectly, this is a juice that’ll satisfy your need for a fruity e-liquid that doesn’t muddle its flavor notes with unnecessary complexity.

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