Skwezed E-Liquid

Skwezed E-Liquid

Don’t have the time to visit our Pittsburgh vape shop? Buy Skwezed e-liquid online now through our sister site.


Do you want an e-liquid that can give you a tasty blast of citrus? There’s no shortage of lemon and orange e-liquids available, but we’ve seen very few that attempt to pull off a believable grapefruit flavor. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this is it.

Green Apple

Nothing but green apple here. No custard, no tropical mix — just pure, tart apple flavor.


Lychee isn’t always easy to find outside the tropics — and by the time it reaches many local markets, it’s well past its prime. With Lychee by Skwezed, you can enjoy the great flavor of lychee whenever you like!


Are you having trouble finding a peach e-liquid that isn’t adulterated with a million other fruity or creamy flavors? You’ve found it! Peach by Skwezed is nothing but pure, sweet peach.

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