Suicide Bunny E-Liquid Pittsburgh

Suicide Bunny E-Liquid

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Derailed by Suicide Bunny is a cookie that’s been topped with sliced bananas and dusted with cinnamon immediately after coming out of the oven. Unique? You bet it is!


If you like melon e-liquids, you’ll love Madrina by Suicide Bunny. This e-liquid layers a hint of sweet melon over a surprisingly realistic dairy cream base.

Mother’s Milk

You’ve tried one strawberry e-liquid after another, but you’ve never found one that quite scratches that itch for berry e-liquids. Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny is the e-liquid that you need to try. With strawberries layered over a base of cream and custard, this is an e-liquid that’ll stay in your rotation for years.

Sucker Punch

Are you searching for a tropical e-liquid with a hint of sweet cream? Sucker Punch by Suicide Bunny captures that flavor by blending the essence of dragon fruit with a tasty cream base.

The O. B.

The O. B. by Suicide Bunny is the ultimate expression of cream in e-liquid form. Depending on your vaping setup, you may taste notes of custard, liquid cream or whipped cream in this vape juice.

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