tobh tobh2

The Tobh Atty is made with the following:
– 303 stainless one-piece Body/ Negative Posts won’t turn or move
– Solid copper bottom contract
– Post holes are .05″ (fifty thousandths) to easily accommodate a wide size range of kanthal wire sizes (28,26,24 22 etc.) or for easy quad coil builds.
– High strength PEEK top and bottom Center Post Insulator Rated for 480°F
– 18-8 stainless black oxidized Machine Screws
– Red Silicone O-rings Rated to +450°F
– 303 stainless sleeve with six 1/16 holes placed horizontally so as to create better distribution of air flow across the coils which, combined equate to three 1/8th inch holes
– Stainless finned Top-Cap with a conical internal design to decrease the occurance of turbulant air flow or low pressure/idle zones (Bernoulli’s principle) Additionally the fins act as fully functional heat sinks which simultaneously disperse heat away from the coils and mouth piece
– Deep laser engraving on the sleeve and atty base that won’t polish off.

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