Trop Drops E-Liquid

Trop Drops

Don’t have the time to drive to our Pittsburgh vape shop? Buy Trop Drops e-liquid online now at our sister site.

Apple Juice

Apple Juice is one of a kind. It’s not green apple or apple cider like most apple e-liquids — it’s bold, sweet apple juice. Try it if other apple e-liquids haven’t quite satisfied you.

Blue Razz Rush

Blue Razz Rush is a perfect berry cocktail that features notes of blue raspberry, red raspberry, strawberry and white grape juice. You’ll never find another fruit e-liquid with a flavor profile like this one!

Peach Orchard Punch

East meets west in this e-liquid featuring the classic flavors of orchards ranging from New England to Washington. Peach Orchard Punch contains notes of peach, strawberry, orange, pear and apple.

Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch blends pineapple, strawberry, strawberry, cherry and orange flavors to create a summer blend that’ll remind you of your favorite lunchtime juice box.

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