Circus Salts Bad Drip Labs

Bad Drip Labs Circus Salts

Circus Salts by Bad Drip Labs features the same flavors as in the Clown e-liquid lineup — but these e-liquids have much higher nicotine strengths for maximum performance in pod vaping systems. This line also includes nicotine salts for cigarette-like satisfaction.

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Crush Circus Salts

Crush Circus Salts is a citrus soda e-liquid with a flavor profile that you’ll recognize as soon as you see the “Crush” name. With notes of tangerine and orange, this one is certain to quench your thirst.

Drooly Circus Salts

Want a jawbreaker? OK, we probably shouldn’t ask that question with scary clowns around. This gobstobber e-liquid features a grape/berry flavor combination that’ll make your mouth water.

Laffy Circus Salts

You can probably guess the flavor of Laffy Circus Salts from the name. This e-liquid perfectly captures the flavor of a grape taffy that melts in your mouth.

Pennywise Circus Salts

Pennywise Circus Salts captures the flavor of a strawberry-watermelon bubblegum that’s green on the outside and red in the middle.

Pennywise Iced Out Circus Salts

Pennywise Iced Out is the same flavor as the original Pennywise, but it features the addition of menthol to keep your mouth and throat cool.

Twisty Circus Salts

Twisty Circus Salts captures the flavor of a tangy yogurt with a sweet raspberry swirl. Fruity yogurt isn’t just for breakfast any more.

Skitzo Circus Salts

Skitzo Circus Salts delivers the one-of-a-kind flavor of a green apple dipped in soft caramel. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also taste a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Sweet Tooth Circus Salts

Sweet Tooth Circus Salts is a raspberry cotton candy concoction that’s devilishly sweet and certain to become a favorite among candy e-liquid lovers.

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