Bad Drip Labs E-Liquid

Bad Drip Laps E-Liquid

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Bad Blood

Blueberry, pomegranate and vanilla. Tangy and sweet, Bad Blood finishes with rich undertones reminiscent of vanilla ice cream.

Cereal Trip

Cereal trip begins with a sweet, yeasty glazed donut that’s topped with fruity cereal while it’s still warm. It finishes with a sweet milk flavor to remind you that any donut good enough to eat is a donut that’s good enough to dunk!

Don’t Care Bear

There’s nothing quite like a sour gummy candy. When the citric acid on the outside melts and gives way to the fruity interior, the only thing you crave is another bite. Don’t Care Bear captures that experience.

Farley’s Gnarly

Farley’s Gnarly is is a big, soft cube of kiwi-strawberry bubblegum, just like you remember it. You can’t blow bubbles with this juice, but vape rings are just as fun.

Farley’s Gnarly Iced Out

If you love Farley’s Gnarly but would like something with a little less throat hit, Farley’s Gnarly Iced Out is the e-liquid for you. It’s got the same kiwi-strawberry bubblegum flavor, but it keeps your throat cool with a bit of menthol.

God Nectar

God Nectar by Bad Drip Labs is a delightful tropical cocktail featuring the juices of orange, mango, passion fruit and guava. Lighten up and try dis juice, brah!

Ugly Butter

Ugly Butter by Bad Drip Labs is a delicious fried bread flavor with notes of caramelized dough, cinnamon and sugar. It’s finished with a sweet banana pudding flavor to give you a fruity blast that you’re certain to love.

Bad Drip Labs Director’s Cut

The DEVIL Inside

The mixing of sweet and sour flavors is one of the primary themes of the Bad Drip Labs Director’s Cut lineup, and that theme is perfectly realized with The DEVIL Inside. In this juice, you’ll taste a sour green apple base with sweeter top notes of berries and watermelon.

Nancey’s NEW Nightmare

Did we say that every e-liquid in the Bad Drip Labs Director’s Cut lineup was sweet and sour? We lied. No sour flavors here; just a sweet, rich Belgian waffle with a salted caramel drizzle and crushed pecans and hazelnuts.

My UNDEAD Girlfriend

A delicious strawberry hard candy flavor with a nice, rich sweetness, My UNDEAD Girlfriend by Bad Drip Labs blends in some apple and pineapple notes to create interest and prevent the overall flavor profile from becoming too cloying. Great as an all-day vape for candy lovers.

The LOST One

Perhaps the most sour of the entire Bad Drip Labs Director’s Cut lineup, The LOST One is like sprinkling powdered sweet/tart candy over a blue raspberry ice pop. This very sweet, very sour e-liquid is perfect if you like a juice with an assertive flavor profile.

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