Beard Vape Co E-Liquid

Beard Vape Co

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The One

Having trouble choosing your favorite type of e-liquid? The One by Beard Vape Co makes it easy because it includes all of the most popular e-liquid flavor notes. In this one e-liquid, you’ll taste milk, strawberries, cereal and doughnuts. You’ll never need to worry about which juice you’re in the mood for again — and that’s why they call it The One.

The One Lemon Crumble Cake

If you enjoyed The One, you’ll love The One Lemon Crumble Cake. The second e-liquid in The One series uses a different base flavor — lemon cake with a buttery crumble topping and powdered sugar — but it is blended with the same level of skill as the original The One. No matter what your preferences are, this is one e-liquid that you’re going to love.

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