Big Bottle Co E-Liquid

Big Bottle Co E-Liquid

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Blueberry Cake

Blueberry Cake combines the flavor notes of light cake, rich blueberry syrup and a brown sugar crumble to create a dessert vape that’s sure to please.

Cinnamon Cream

Whipped cream tastes great with a dash of sugar. It tastes even better with a bit of freshly grated cinnamon. Taste that flavor in each puff with Cinnamon Cream.

Electric Lemonade

Who says lemonade needs to be white? Electric Lemonade combines the flavors of tart lemonade and sweet blue raspberry to create an e-liquid that’ll help you beat the summer heat.

Good Ol’ Custard

If you’re a long-term e-cigarette user, it’s likely that you’ve got at least one custard flavor in your rotation. Ready to spice things up a bit? Good Ol’ Custard rounds out its custard flavor with the warmth of sweet cinnamon.

Jelly Donut

When you eat a jelly donut, do you eat it all at once — or do you eat the jelly first? With Jelly Donut e-liquid, you won’t have to decide. A delicious raspberry flavor complements this juice’s rich donut base.

Pink Lemonade

What could be better than a tall glass of pink lemonade on a hot summer day? If you can’t drink it, vape it.

Strawberry Milk

If you’re tired of your usual strawberries-and-cream e-liquid, pick up a bottle of Strawberry Milk. It’s a unique take on a classic flavor combination that’ll remind you of one of your favorite childhood drinks.

Summer Drink

Summer Drink is one of the most unique lemonade e-liquids we’ve ever tried. Combining lemonade with the flavors of blackberry and peach, this is one juice you’ll want to vape all day.

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