Captivape Creations

Can’t make it to our Pittsburgh vape shop? Order Captivape Creations e-liquid now from our sister website.

Blueberry Cereal

Blueberry Cereal combines the flavors of toasted cereal grains, juicy blueberries and sweet milk for a breakfast e-liquid flavor you won’t want to put down.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk recreates your favorite lunchtime beverage from childhood. No need to be embarrassed if you feel like shaking the bottle before you pop the top!

Strawberry Cereal

Strawberry Cereal is another great cereal flavor from Captivape Creations. This one duplicates the flavor of a sweetened corn cereal bar with freeze-dried strawberries and plenty of milk for dipping.

Strawberry Milk

If chocolate milk wasn’t actually your favorite childhood lunchtime beverage, don’t worry. Captivape Creations has you covered with their delicious Strawberry Milk e-liquid.


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