Cassadaga Liquids

Cassadaga Liquids

Don’t have the time to drive to our Pittsburgh vape shop? Order Cassadaga Liquids online right now from our sister website.

Cannoli Be Breakfast

Have you thought of mixing fruity cereal with whipped cream and ricotta cheese? With Cannoli Be Breakfast, Cassadaga Liquid has done exactly that and wrapped the result in a cannoli shell. Delicious!

Cannoli Be Mine

Cannoli Be Mine combines Cassadaga’s sweet, nutty and creamy cannoli base with a delicious strawberry filling for a fun twist on a classic Italian dessert flavor.

Cannoli Be Nuts

Who says that every cannoli needs to have some kind of crazy filling? Cannoli Be Nuts is a sweet cannoli topped with pistachios. It’s perfect.

Cannoli Be One

If you try only one e-liquid from Cassadaga, it should be Cannoli Be One. Few e-liquid companies have attempted to make cannoli flavors — and why should they bother? Cannoli Be One is perfect.

Cannoli Be Reserve

Cannoli Be Reserve is a delicious cannoli topped with chocolate chips — just like they serve it at your favorite Italian restaurant.

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