Clown Premium E-Liquids

Clown Premium E-Liquids

Don’t have the time to get to our Pittsburgh vape shop? Buy Clown Premium E-Liquids online now from our sister website.


Combining orange and tangerine juice with a splash of fizzy soda water, Crush is an e-liquid that tickles the tongue.


Drooly is a tart hard candy with notes of grapes and berries. It’s similar to the round gobstoppers that you used to buy from vending machines at the market.


Laffy is a grape and blueberry taffy e-liquid. From the name, we bet that you can guess the brand of taffy that this e-liquid emulates!


Pennywise is a big, soft cube of gum with the flavors of watermelon and strawberry — just like the one in the checkout lane at the supermarket.

Pennywise Iced Out

Pennywise Iced Out is the same big, soft cubes of fruity gum that you remember from the original Pennywise e-liquid — only now, those cubes have spent a bit of time in the freezer.


Skitzo duplicates what you might experience if you dipped a caramel apple into whipped cream before eating it. Since that would cause a serious mess in real life, it’s probably better to try it in e-liquid form!

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is raspberry cotton candy. If you always chose “the red one” when you visited the cotton candy stand at the carnival, you know exactly what flavor Clown Premium E-Liquids was going for with this flavor.


If you like what Clown’s raspberry flavor does for the cotton candy base in Sweet Tooth, you’ll love Twisty. It’s the same tangy raspberry flavor in a creamy, tart frozen yogurt base.

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