Ferrum City E-Liquid

Ferrum City E-Liquid

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Angry Banana

Angry Banana by Ferrum City is a banana e-liquid that’s going to change your life. To create this e-liquid, Ferrum City began with the concentrated flavor of browned, cooked bananas and topped with mix off with notes of caramel and complex butterscotch.

Cereal 11

Having trouble shaking your addiction to those fruity cereal bars? Ferrum City understands your dilemma. Cereal 11 is a berry cereal bar loaded with delicious marshmallows. Maybe now you’ll finally be able to switch to a healthy breakfast.


Never a company to resist capitalizing on a great thing, Charms by Ferrum City expands on the famous Cereal Monster e-liquid lineup with a new vape juice that combines a base flavor of toasty cereal with notes of vanilla milk and sweet marshmallows.


Funnel cake — that crispy, greasy carnival classic — is the taste that Ferrum City captured with its Poured e-liquid. A dash of cinnamon and a dollop of whipped cream round out the flavor profile.


Smelted is the most famous — and most complex — of Ferrum City’s e-liquids. It’s an ice cream sundae served in a waffle cone and topped with rich caramel and freshly whipped cream.


Torched is the fullest expression of the many flavor profiles that a skilled chef can capture with sugar. The base note is a sugar cookie made with rich butter. On the exhale, you’ll pick up the flavor of a slightly blackened marshmallow.

Simply Fruits: Grapemelon

To create the Simply Fruits lineup, Ferrum City changed direction from their usual culinary aspirations to create a line of fruity e-liquids with just two fruit flavors each. This one combines the flavors of grape and watermelon.

Simply Fruits: Raspeary

Ferrum City might be the first e-liquid company to create a juice only with the flavors of raspberry and pear. Raspeary is unique and delicious.

Simply Fruits: Strawnana

You’ve probably experienced the combination of strawberry and banana at a smoothie shop. Now, you can experience it in e-liquid form with Strawnana.

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