Geeked Out E-Liquid

Geeked Out E-Liquid

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Block Head

Block Head is a big wad of blueberry cotton candy that’s been thrown in the freezer for a while. This e-liquid is a fruity delight with a bold cooling blast to soothe the mouth and throat.

Brace Face

North America gets a taste of the tropics with this combination of strawberry, peach and mango. It’s a perfectly blended fruit cocktail.

Dork Breath

Dork Breath captures the flavor of lemonade with frozen cubes of watermelon used in place of ice. The candied flavor of watermelon blends beautifully with the tart lemon flavor.

Snot Shot

Snot Shot is another Geeked Out e-liquid that creates something unique by blending fruit flavors from around the world. This juice contains the flavors of pear, apple and kiwi.

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