Isodiol CBD Pittsburgh

Isodiol CBD

What Is Isodiol CBD?

Isodiol CBD is some of the purest, most potent CBD oil available. Isodiol uses only non-GMO, pharmaceutical grade hemp plants that are free of THC. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a powerful CBD extract that contains many of hemp’s other beneficial compounds such as omega fatty acids.

Isodiol CBD in Pittsburgh: What’s Available

Isodiol CBD Hemp Oil Concentrate


  • $39.99 (10 ml bottle, 500 mg CBD)
  • $79.99 (10 ml bottle, 1,000 mg CBD)
  • $114.99 (10 ml bottle, 1,500 mg CBD)

Isodiol CBD Hemp Oil Concentrate is a potent CBD extract suspended in a blend of coconut and hemp oils. We carry three different strengths to make dosing easy — and with these powerful extracts, you’ll only need a few drops to get the effects you want.

Isoderm Direct Effects Cream

Price: $139.99

Isoderm Direct Effects Cream is a topical CBD cream intended for application on the back of the neck. The cream’s formulation helps it penetrate the skin near the brain, allowing it to potentially enter the brain more quickly than other forms of CBD. Using Isoderm Direct Effects Cream, you may find that you experience the benefits of CBD more quickly than you would with other products. Also, the fact that it’s a topical product reduces the potential for drug interactions. This product is intended to alleviate pain from conditions such as headaches, muscle spasms and chronic nervous system disorders.

Rapid Cooling Pain Cream

Price: $39.99

Do you suffer from occasional joint or muscle pain after strenuous activity or because of a chronic condition such as arthritis? If you do, you’re probably aware of the benefits that mentholated creams can have for such problems. With Isodiol Rapid Cooling Pain Cream, you can experience the benefits of a mentholated cream — and the pain reducing power of CBD — simultaneously. Rapid Cooling Pain Cream also contains herbal and homeopathic ingredients such as belladonna, arnica and lavender. Simply rub it on the affected area as needed.

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