Jam Monster E-Liquid

Jam Monster E-Liquid

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Apple Jam

Apple Jam is one of the few apple e-liquids that doesn’t overpower you with sour flavor notes. Instead, Apple Jam pairs the apple note with the warm flavors of toast and butter. It’s one of a kind!

Blueberry Jam

Wouldn’t you love a big spoonful of blueberry jam on a slice of buttered toast right now? So would we, but we’re watching our weight. It’s a good thing this juice exists.

Grape Jam

Don’t look now, but the Jam Monster is back! Grape Jam features the flavor of sweet concord grape jelly layered over Jam Monster’s signature buttered toast base. If your favorite toast topping is smooth, shiny and purple — and it isn’t a half-chewed wad of grape chewing gum — Grape Jam by Jam Monster is the perfect juice for you.

Strawberry Jam

When you see that famous red plaid jar, you know that the stuff inside is going to be tasty. That’s the flavor that Jam Monster has captured with Strawberry Jam, and they’ve completed it with the flavor of buttered toast.

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