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What Is JUUL?

JUUL changed the vaping world when it debuted in 2015. Its sleek design turned heads, and its new form of patented e-liquid — with nicotine salts — helped the JUUL sell more than 1 million units in two years. Although many e-cigarettes now copy its design and features, there can only be one original. JUUL is America’s most popular e-cigarette, and now you can get JUUL starter kits and refill pods right here in Pittsburgh without waiting for shipping.

JUUL in Pittsburgh: What’s Available

JUUL Starter Kit

If you don’t own a JUUL vaping system yet, the JUUL starter kit is what you want. This kit includes the JUUL battery and USB charger along with four refill pods in the Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Creme Brulee and Fruit Medley flavors. Each JUUL pod is approximately equal to one pack of cigarettes.

JUUL Basic Kit

If you need an extra JUUL device and charger — or simply want to pick your own refill pod flavor — the JUUL basic kit is for you. This kit includes one JUUL battery and one USB charger.


When you use the JUUL vaping system, you’ll need a steady supply of refill pods. We carry JUUL refill pods in the Mango, Virginia Tobacco, Fruit Medley, Cool Mint and Creme Brulee flavors. Each pack contains four refill pods.

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