Kilo E-Liquid

Kilo E-Liquids

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Cereal Milk

Do you ever feel sad when you finish a bowl of fruity cereal? Of course you don’t — the whole point of eating sweet cereal is drinking the fruity milk at the bottom! With Cereal Milk, you can skip straight to that part — anytime you want.

Dewberry Cream

Dewberry Cream is a delicious half of a honeydew melon filled with mixed berries and topped with clotted cream. Sweet, creamy and fruity, it’s a delicious change of pace from your usual smoothie or yogurt e-liquid.

Fruit Whip

Fruit Whip is a bold fruit mix with flavors of citrus, apple, tropical fruits, stone fruits and berries. Kilo completed this e-liquid with a delightful cream flavor for richness and to round out the flavor profile.

Kiberry Yogurt

Kiberry Yogurt is often ranked one of the best yogurt e-liquids on the market. If you haven’t tried a yogurt e-liquid before, this is the one that you need to try. Smooth, tangy yogurt blends beautifully with the flavors of kiwi and strawberry.

Tru Blue

Still looking for your perfect fruit-and-custard vape? Tru Blue has a rich custard base blended harmoniously with a blueberry top note so that neither flavor stands out over the other.

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