Lazarus Naturals CBD Pittsburgh

Lazarus Naturals CBD

What Is Lazarus Naturals CBD?

If purity and potency are your greatest concerns, Lazarus Naturals makes the best CBD product for you. Lazarus Naturals creates its own CBD extracts in house to bring you the best possible prices, and the company uses kosher ethanol rather than harmful solvents in the extraction process. Every batch undergoes testing to confirm the potency and test for the presence of heavy metals and pesticides.

Lazarus Naturals CBD in Pittsburgh: What’s Available

CBD Tinctures


  • $15.00 (15 ml bottle, 225 mg CBD)
  • $40.00 (60 ml bottle, 900 mg CBD)
  • $70.00 (120 ml bottle, 1,800 mg CBD)

Created in house by the experts at Lazarus Naturals, this CBD tincture is an affordable product with consistent potency. It’s a full-spectrum extract including all of the beneficial compounds from THC-free industrial hemp.

High-Potency CBD Tinctures


  • $35.00 (15 ml bottle, 750 mg CBD)
  • $115.00 (60 ml bottle, 3,000 mg CBD)

If you need something a little stronger than the standard Lazarus Naturals CBD tincture, the high-potency tincture is for you. Each drop of the high-potency tincture contains more than three times as much CBD as in the standard tincture.

CBD Pet Tincture

Price: $40.00 (60 ml bottle, 900 mg CBD)

Could your pet use a little of CBD’s beneficial effects? A few drops of the Lazarus Naturals CBD pet tincture can alleviate your animal’s anxiety while supporting joint health. If your pet is a large breed, use a few extra drops.

Terpene-Infused CBD Isolate

Price: $30.00 (1 g)

The Lazarus Naturals terpene-infused CBD isolate is unlike any other CBD product on the market. The package includes one gram of powder containing more than 99 percent CBD with a dash of natural plant terpenes for flavor. Consume it after dissolving it in oil, or use it as a base for your own CBD products.


Price: $40.00 (10 ml syringe, 1,000 mg CBD)

RSO — short for Rick Simpson Oil — is a formulation of hemp oil that’s good for topical or oral use. To use it topically, try placing some on your skin and covering it with a bandage for several hours. To use it orally, simply add it to your favorite food or beverage.

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