Le Banger E-Liquid Pittsburgh

Le’ Banger E-Liquid

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Apple Bump

If you love the flavor of a baked spiced apple — or perhaps apple pie a la mode — during the fall and winter holidays, you’ll love the flavor of Apple Bump by Le’ Banger. This e-liquid is the flavor of a warm baked apple topped with a dash of cream and a sprinkling of freshly grated cinnamon.

Lemon Fraise

If you remember the famous yellow and pink candies that come in their own dispensers, you know exactly the flavor that Le’ Banger has recreated with Lemon Fraise. Strawberry and lemon candy flavors mingle together in this e-liquid to create a sweet and tart delight.

Purple Powder

Purple Powder by Le’ Banger is the flavor of a powdered sweet and tart grape candy — the kind that you used to buy in packets for dipping as a kid. You loved it then, and you’ll love it now in e-liquid form.

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