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Independent Vapor Company: Nillionaire Series

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Sherbet is a great fruity alternative to ice cream, but the fruit flavor isn’t really what makes sherbet special. The magic happens when you blend just a touch of dairy to give the treat a bit of extra smoothness. That’s the flavor that Independent Vapor Company has captured with Original from the Nillionaire Series. Every other Nillionaire e-liquid plays off of this base.


Don’t have enough grapefruit e-liquids in your life? Of course you don’t — almost no one even bothers trying to create a grapefruit e-liquid. Independent Vapor Company has done grapefruit one better by crafting an exquisite grapefruit sherbet e-liquid that’s a smooth, crisp all-day vape.


If you were an e-liquid maker, what would you do to create a mango e-liquid that sets itself apart from the rest? If you were Independent Vapor Company, you’d create a mango sherbet e-liquid. It’s smooth, supple and oh so fruity!


Do you think that the Original flavor from the Nillionaire Series would be just a bit better if it replicated the icy feeling that you’d get in your mouth when eating a real sherbet? Now there’s no need to wish. This is the same great rainbow sherbet flavor with a hint of menthol for coolness.


Looking for a rainbow sherbet e-liquid with a bit of a springtime twist? Look no further than Raspberry from the Nillionaire series. This e-liquid features the same base that you love from the Original flavor and adds a prominent raspberry note for extra deliciousness.

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