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North Shore Vape

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Dat Cake Batter Doe

Cake batter is certainly one of the “it” dessert flavors these days. You can find just about every candy in cake batter flavor. The problem, of course, is that if you eat them all, you’ll weigh 400 pounds! Dat Cake Batter Doe is an over-the-top cake batter flavor with plenty of frosting and sprinkles — and it doesn’t contain a single calorie.

Dat Sugar Cookie Doe

Not in the mood for cake batter? Try Dat Sugar Cookie Doe for a blast of sweet, buttery cookie flavor topped with frosting and red sprinkles. It’s everything you ever wanted in a dessert e-liquid.

Vape the Nostalgia by North Shore Vape

Vape the Nostalgia E-Liquid


In an e-liquid collection filled with nostalgic candy flavors, you can’t forget blue raspberry. If you’re a child of the ’90s, you’re going to love the sour blue raspberry flavor of Belt.


Do you still look at the vending machines longingly when you check out at the supermarket? You loved the miniature gumballs, didn’t you? Driplets by Vape the Nostalgia has the flavor you’re looking for, although you can’t get it for a nickel. Come to think of it, you can’t get the gumballs for a nickel any more, either.


What would a trip to the movie theater be without a big bag of red gummy fish? Fish by Vape the Nostalgia delivers the taste of the most famous Swedish candy in convenient e-liquid form.


Heads by Vape the Nostalgia captures the flavor of that famous candy that’s shaped like a head but tastes like a lemon. Heads combines sour and sweet lemon flavors for a taste combination that you’re going to love if you enjoy citrus e-liquids.


If you could take a strawberry “burst” candy and coat it with an outer shell of rock candy, you’d have a product that would probably make you a millionaire. Until someone actually releases that candy, you can enjoy the amazing combination of taffy and rock candy with Rockstar by Vape the Nostalgia.


Wormy is the flavor of sweet and sour gummy worms, plain and simple. You’ll love the sweet candy flavor, but it’s the added sour note that’ll keep you coming back.

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