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Off the Record Liquids

Don’t have the time to get to our Pittsburgh vape shop? Buy e-liquid online now from our sister site.


L.A.M.F. is an e-liquid that attempts to elevate the humble strawberry cheesecake e-liquid from a simple dessert flavor to an all-day vape with the additions of a graham cracker crust and a vanilla swirl. You’ll love the added complexity under the sweetness.

Raw Power

Raw Power might just be the last tobacco e-liquid you’ll ever need. The base is a rich and flavorful Cuban tobacco. It’s blended perfectly with hints of coffee, hazelnut, butterscotch, vanilla and custard. The sweet top notes will hit your tongue first, but it’s the savory base that’ll keep you coming back.

Liquid Swords

Liquid Swords begins with the flavor of your favorite thick blueberry yogurt. To that, Off the Record added the flavors of pomegranate, banana and strawberry. Is it a big bowl of yogurt with fruit on top? Is it a tangy, fruity smoothie? We don’t know, but we love it.


Picture a Hawaiian shaved ice with psychedelic stripes of taffy, jackfruit and other flavors. Now picture the colorful pool that remains at the bottom of the bowl when all of the ice is gone. That’s Ziggy — and boy, can he play guitar.

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