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What Is PHIX?

PHIX is a vaping system with convenient drop-in cartridges and a patented ceramic heating coil for pure flavor and smooth vapor production. PHIX uses a proprietary e-liquid blend containing 50 mg of nicotine per ml of liquid to give you the nicotine hit that you need to make switching from smoking to vaping easy. Now you can buy PHIX in Pittsburgh seven days a week without waiting for shipping!

PHIX in Pittsburgh: What’s Available

PHIX Starter Kit

If you don’t known a PHIX vaping device yet, the PHIX starter kit is what you want. This kit includes the PHIX vaping device and USB charger along with one refill pod in the Original Blend Tobacco flavor.

PHIX Basic Kit

If you need a spare PHIX device or want to select your own refill flavor, you need the PHIX basic kit. This kit includes the PHIX device and USB charger only.

PHIX Refill Pods

We carry the full line of PHIX refill pods at our Pittsburgh vape shop. Stop by seven days a week to buy your PHIX pods. We stock the Original Blend Tobacco, Spearmint, Ice Tobacco, Hard Strawberry, Butterscotch and Cool Melon flavors. Each refill pack contains four pods.

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