Sadboy E-Liquid

Sadboy E-Liquid

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Blueberry Jam Cookie

Blueberry Jam Cookie by Sadboy pairs an amazingly realistic blueberry jam flavor with the most delicious flaky cookie crust ever to grace a bottle of e-liquid. Vaping this juice is just one step shy of an all expenses paid trip to heaven.

Butter Cookie

Butter Cookie by Sadboy is a pair of crunchy, buttery cookies with fluffy lemon frosting sandwiched in between. It’s just like the yellow cookies that you buy at the supermarket — the ones that you love to dip in milk.

Key Lime Cookie

Ready for an e-liquid that’ll knock your socks off with its new twist on a classic Floridian treat? Key Lime Cookie combines a toasty cookie base with a key lime curd flavor that’s not too sour. This juice bursts with mouth-watering citrus flavor.

Strawberry Jam Cookie

If you’ve ever had one of those delicious cookies with a red well in the center, you know exactly what flavor Strawberry Jam Cookie by Sadboy represents. The flavor of this strawberry e-liquid will make your taste buds tingle!

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