Sicdrip E-Liquid

Sicdrip E-Liquid

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J-Ho is a glazed donut filled to the brim with rich lemon curd. It might taste good enough to eat, but you shouldn’t do that. Our lawyers would not be happy with us.


Do  you want to know what Parodies tastes like? Take some peaches and pears, and put a pan over high heat. Drop the fruits in. Just when the edges of the fruits start to brown, pour in a dash of vodka and light it on fire. Serve the fruits with lightly whipped cream on top. Does that sound nice to you? We think so too.

The Filth

We bet that you’ve never seen a huckleberry e-liquid before. We also bet that you’ve never seen a huckleberry e-liquid with the flavors of milk and vanilla ice cream. The Filth is an entirely unique e-liquid that you can’t miss!

Triple G

Why did they call this e-liquid Triple G? We don’t know, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll go bonkers for its mix of strawberry, watermelon and chewy taffy flavors.

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