Sunsoil CBD Pittsburgh

Sunsoil CBD

What Is Sunsoil CBD?

Based in Vermont and formerly known as Green Mountain, Sunsoil is a CBD maker that both grows and extracts its own hemp. With an indoor farm using organic practices, you can be certain that every Sunsoil CBD product delivers the utmost in purity.

Sunsoil CBD in Pittsburgh: What’s Available

CBD Capsules

Price: $30 (30 capsules, 600 mg CBD)

Every CBD capsule from Sunsoil CBD includes 20 mg of CBD suspended in coconut oil. If you avoid gelatin capsules, this is the ideal choice for you because Sunsoil’s CBD capsules are vegetarian.

Edible Salve

Price: $30 (30 ml, 600 mg CBD)

Do you dislike swallowing capsules? Try the CBD edible salve from Sunsoil. The package contains the same amount of CBD as Sunsoil’s capsules, and it’s suspended in a soft coconut oil that you can spread on your favorite foods.

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