Teleos E-Liquid

Teleos E-Liquid

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Breakfast at Teleos: Bits

In development for nearly two years, Teleos couldn’t release Bits until they felt that they had gotten the juice’s primary flavor note — marshmallow — absolutely right. On the exhale, you’ll taste the slightest hint of toasted cereal grains.

Breakfast at Teleos: Crunch

Crunch is the flavor of the most delicious cereal bar you’ve probably never had. You’ll taste notes of nutty rice, sweet marshmallow and a certain popular cereal with a captain on the box.

Breakfast at Teleos: The Milk

The best part of eating any sweetened cereal is drinking the milk at the bottom, right? So, why not skip to that part by blending some milk and fruity cereal together, straining the mixture and drinking it? If you can imagine that, you’re beginning to understand why The Milk is one of the darlings of the vaping community.

Teleos Cloud Science: Alpha

Alpha is a high-VG e-liquid suitable for those who want to minimize PG intake, prefer low-nicotine e-liquids or simply want to blow the biggest clouds possible. The flavor profile includes berries, creams and light sugar.

Teleos Core: Eight Bells

Eight Bells is a sweet and complex tobacco e-liquid including notes of caramel, chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow, caramel and cream. The flavor profile of Eight Bells will reveal itself to you slowly, with different notes coming through during each vaping session. The scent, though, is a tribute to the classic Black & Mild.

Teleos Core: Experiment One

Experiment One is like no other e-liquid you’ve ever tasted. Although it isn’t quite the frosted flakes cereal flavor that Teleos tried to create, they deemed it good enough to release because there’s nothing else like it on the market. In Experiment One, you’ll taste notes of cream, pudding, corn and more.

Teleos Core: The Cookie

The Cookie is an e-liquid that recreates the rich, decadent flavor of cookie butter. You’ll taste nutty speculoos cookies, rich butter and bold caramel.

Teleos Milks: Custard

Teleos has a unique take on custard. If you haven’t found the vanilla custard flavor you want in another e-liquid, try this one. Not too sweet, not too much egg and just the right amount of vanilla.

Teleos Milks: Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is a great choice if you’ve tried some other mango e-liquids and found them too sweet. With the flavors of milk, yogurt and citrus, Mango Lassi bursts with rich, tangy flavor.

Teleos Remixed: Chewy

Chewy is a bowl of strained yogurt with a chewy granola bar crumbled on top. Breakfast is served!

Teleos Remixed: The Milk 2

If you think The Milk is great, you’ll love The Milk 2. It’s got the same delicious sweetened milk base, but Telos used an accent of cinnamon cereal rather than fruity cereal for this one.

Teleos Remixed: Pound Cake

Pound Cake is a dessert e-liquid that’s assertive enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and neutral enough to be the perfect vape for any occasion. You’ll taste notes of fluffy lemon cake batter and rich vanilla frosting.

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