tobh_26650_atty tobh_26650_atomizer_v3-stainless-silver-black tobh_26650_atomizer_v3-copper_1 tobh_26650_atomizer_v3

Tobh 26650 Rebuildable Atomizer V3 the bigger version of regular Tobh from Tobeco is one of the latest and hottest RDA on the market. This atomizer is stainless steel construction with a nice brushed finish.

Available in 3 colors: Stainless, Black and Copper.

There are 3 massive airflows on each side with adjustability based on your preferences. With the possibility to control the tightness of the airflow, you can make thick clouds with any e-juices.

The build area is great due to its massive size and the construction is phenomenal. With the convex and concave top cap, it will accommodate any drip easily and increase any vape juice’s flavors.


  • 28.5 mm diameter
  • Adjustable airflows
  • 3 piece design
  • Copper Contacts
  • Stainless Steel
  • Functional Heat Sinks
  • Conical Top Cap
  • Laser engravings logo


  • 3 oval and round rings
  • Silica wicks
  • TOBH device

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