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The Best Pittsburgh Vape Shop!

The Vapor Connection LLC is Pittsburgh PA’s Premier Vaping Lounge and proprietor of Vaping Supplies. We carry everything from mods and accessories to the widest selection of e-liquid in Pittsburgh. Visit our vape shop to try juice from Ferrum City, Cassadaga, Sicboy, Teleos, One Hit Wonder, Zuro and so many more!

Visit our shop in Blawnox and sample e-juice from America’s best suppliers.

Why are we the best Pittsburgh vape shop?

  • We actually use what we sell. We don’t carry any e-liquid or vaping device that we haven’t tested and approved ourselves. Unlike most other vapor shops, we can tell you exactly what that e-liquid on the shelf tastes like. We can tell you which mod is best for your style of vaping — and we can tell you how to set it up. Are you interested in building your own atomizer coils? We’ll walk you through the coil building process and explain the potential safety concerns.
  • We aren’t just another vape shop that’s out to make a quick buck. We’ve been in business since 2013, and we’re not going away any time soon. The vast majority of our customers are regulars. When you visit our vapor shop, you’ll see why.
  • We’re open every day. We’re your home base for vaping supplies, and we’re always available when you need us — 11 AM to 7 PM every day.

If you’re like most people who vape, you probably purchased your first e-cigarette at a local gas station or convenience store. While small e-cigarette “starter kits” do provide millions of people with an alternative to smoking, there’s so much more to vaping than the experience that you get from a small “cigalike.” Has your first experience with an e-cigarette left you wanting more? We’d like to introduce you to all that vaping has to offer. Stop in and visit our friendly vaping experts today!

Vapor Connection Pittsburgh is open for business seven days, 11am-7pm!

What can you expect to find at our Pittsburgh vape shop?

Whether you’re completely new to vaping or a seasoned expert, we believe that you’re going to find exactly what you need when you visit Vapor Connection LLC in Pittsburgh. This is just a small sampling of the great vape gear that you’ll find on our shelves.

  • Pod vaping systems: Are you curious about why the JUUL system has become America’s most popular e-cigarette? Maybe you’re already a JUUL user, and you need to stock up on refill pods. Are you ready to ditch the JUUL and pick up a new device with pods that you can fill yourself? Whatever your situation, you’re going to love our selection of pod vaping systems.
  • Vape pens and mods: Pod vaping systems are great, but they aren’t for everyone. If you want a new vape mod with a tank capable of producing some truly impressive vapor clouds, you need a full-fledged vape pen or mod. We carry all the latest devices.
  • Vape tanks and coils: If there’s one thing every vaper needs, it’s a steady supply of coils. We stock coils for the most popular tanks, and we offer those coils at reasonable prices because we love our customers. Do you feel like chasing clouds with a new tank? We’ve got you covered there, too.
  • E-liquid: E-liquid is the specialty at our Pittsburgh vape shop. You can bet that we stock the most popular mainstream vape juice brands — the ones you expect to find in every store — but we don’t stop there. We’ve searched hard to bring you the most interesting independent e-liquid brands, so we should always be your first stop when you’re looking for a new juice that can really spruce up your vaping experience.

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