Pod systems are the new and convenient way of vaping that’s sweeping the nation, and now you can buy JUUL in Pittsburgh along with other popular pod systems such as PHIX and Suorin. Visit our Blawnox location at 610 Center Ave. to buy a new pod vaping kit — and get your refill pods right here seven days a week.

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What Are Pod Systems for Vaping?

A pod system is a vaping device that uses convenient drop-in pods rather than the twist-on cartridges that e-cigarettes such as Blu use. If you’ve ever tried vaping in the past and found yourself unsatisfied, it’s time to try again because pod systems are helping more smokers make the switch to vaping every day. Pod systems generate more vapor and are more reliable than the “cigalikes” you might have tried in the past. In addition, pod systems such as JUUL and PHIX have a secret weapon up their sleeves: nicotine salts. Research suggests that e-liquids with nicotine salts may be more satisfying for current smokers than standard e-liquids because they help your body attain a blood-nicotine concentration more like what you’d get when smoking a cigarette.

What Are the Benefits of Pod Systems?

Unlike most of the “cigalikes” that you may find in convenience stores, pod systems look nothing like tobacco cigarettes. Pod systems are very small and discreet; they make it easy to keep your vaping private if you prefer. Pod systems are also ideal for people who don’t want vaping to become an all-encompassing hobby and want their vaping devices to “just work.” With a pod system, all that you need to do is drop in a pod and vape; it’s that easy. When a pod is empty, discard it and drop in a new one. E-cigarette pods keep e-liquid tasting fresh. They generate vapor instantly, and they don’t leak. Pod systems have modernized vaping for the smokers of today.

Is Nicotine Salt Right for Me?

If you currently vape, you may find that using an e-liquid with nicotine salts feels a bit different from using standard e-liquids. A standard e-liquid contains a different form of nicotine called free base nicotine. Standard e-liquids also usually contain less nicotine by volume than e-liquid with nicotine salts. If you have already switched fully to vaping, a pod vaping system may not be right for you because switching to vaping has lowered your nicotine requirements. If you still smoke and only vape part time, though — or do not vape at all — a pod system is probably perfect for you. A pod system will help you keep your blood-nicotine levels steady during the switch to vaping. That’ll make the switch easier and help you avoid tobacco cravings.