6 Great Uses for CBD Isolate

Have you tried any of the CBD products that are all the rage around Pittsburgh lately? If you’ve tried them, you have firsthand knowledge of the many health benefits that people have discovered from using CBD supplements. At Vapor Connection, we recently began carrying a CBD product that might be unfamiliar to you: CBD isolate. If you’ve never seen or used CBD isolate, you may be wondering why someone would want to spend so much money on just a gram of product.

Read on to learn what CBD isolate is, why it should excite you and how you can use it!

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What Is CBD Isolate?

The process of making CBD isolate begins with industrial hemp. Manufacturers use a solvent — usually carbon dioxide — to extract the soluble compounds from the hemp. The extraction process produces a thick oil that’s rich in CBD. The oil is the main ingredient of most of the CBD supplements that you can buy.

To create CBD isolate, manufacturers take things even further by removing the fatty acids and minute plant particles from the CBD oil. After purification and filtration, what’s left is a white powder containing almost nothing but CBD. CBD isolate is about 99 percent pure. It has no smell and no taste, and it dissolves easily in any fat.

Why You Should Buy CBD Isolate

If you already use a CBD product that you enjoy, you’re probably wondering why you should buy CBD isolate. CBD isolate is great because you can use it to add CBD to virtually anything. Since CBD isolate is almost pure CBD, a tiny portion of it can add a substantial amount of CBD to a food, lotion or other product without altering the taste, smell or function of that product.

To get started with CBD isolate, it’s a good idea to have a scale capable of weighing in milligrams. A typical package of CBD isolate has one gram of material containing 990 mg of CBD. To weigh out individual servings, you’ll need a very accurate scale.

With those details out of the way, let’s look at some of the incredible things that you can do with CBD isolate.

CBD Edibles

To use CBD isolate in your cooking, simply mix it with any fat such as coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil or butter. You can use CBD isolate to make delicious baked goods — such as the classic “pot brownies” — without the high. Add CBD isolate to any recipe for hard candies or gummies. You can add CBD isolate to your favorite vinaigrette and drizzle it over salad. You can even melt butter and mix in some CBD isolate. Allow the butter to solidify again, and you’ll have a ready-made CBD butter that you can spread on toast or add to any recipe.

CBD Topicals

CBD isolate is easy to use in any shampoo, liquid soap or lotion since topical beauty products almost always contain oils. Since CBD is a powerful antioxidant, it may help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. It could even slow the onset of the visible signs of aging. To dissolve the CBD isolate cleanly and distribute it evenly throughout the product, mix it with the oil portion of the product.

CBD Capsules

Although CBD isolate dissolves completely in oil, you can also use it in its original powder form. As a powder, it’s perfect for capsules. Unless you want to end up with mostly empty capsules, though, you’ll need a filler. Dextrose powder is one popular option. Simply mix the filler with the CBD powder to create the desired strength, and use a capsule machine to fill your capsules. If capsules are already your favorite way to take CBD supplements, you’ll find that making your own capsules greatly reduces the cost of using CBD.

Sublingual CBD

Would you like to get CBD into your bloodstream in the fastest way possible? For fast absorption, it’s hard to beat sublingual CBD. Mix the desired amount of CBD isolate with a small amount of healthy oil. With its great omega fatty acid profile, hemp oil is an excellent choice. Hold the oil under your tongue for several seconds before swallowing it.

Make Your Favorite CBD Product Stronger

If you love CBD but don’t like the high price, CBD isolate is great to have around because it can instantly make any CBD product stronger. If you see a CBD product at a great price — but not in your preferred strength — you can snap it up. Add a little CBD isolate, and you’ll have a more potent CBD supplement at a fraction of the cost that you would have paid for the same strength.

Make Your Own CBD Products

Making and selling CBD products is the ultimate goal of many CBD-loving entrepreneurs — and if you’d like to make your own CBD-infused foods, candies or lotions, you need a CBD base that’s easy to measure, consistent in potency and won’t affect the quality of your product. CBD isolate is the base that professionals choose.

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