If you’re looking for CBD in Pittsburgh, Vapor Connection LLC is ready to become your favorite one-stop shop. When you first enter our shop looking for CBD, though, your eyes just might bug out of your head when you see our enormous selection. You may find, in fact, that we carry a few forms of CBD you’ve never even heard of before. Never fear! If you’d like to educate yourself a bit before you visit our Pittsburgh vape shop, this article is for you. By the time you’re done reading, you’re going to have a solid understanding of the different types of CBD products available. You’ll also have a much better idea of which CBD product is ideal for you. If you’re still not sure what you should buy, don’t hesitate to stop in and ask one of our friendly experts for help.


By far, the most common CBD product that you’ll find anywhere is CBD oil. Containing CBD suspended in a compatible oil such as hemp seed oil, CBD oil is one of the most affordable CBD products because it doesn’t require many ingredients or a great deal of labor to produce. You can simply buy a large bottle and use it as needed. An additional benefit of CBD oil is that it’s flexible; you can take it directly or drizzle it over food.

CBD Tincture

One potential downside of CBD oil is that, while you may only take a small amount at a time, it is almost pure fat and is therefore fairly high in calories. Being set in alcohol, CBD tincture is much lower in calories while still giving you a convenient oral route of administration. Try adding some to your favorite cocktail. Compared to CBD oil, CBD tincture has two drawbacks. The first is that CBD tincture is a bit less common and therefore might cost more. The second drawback is that the fastest way to absorb the CBD in a CBD oil or tincture is by holding it under the tongue for several seconds before swallowing it. Since tinctures typically use strong alcohols, you may experience an unpleasant burning sensation if you use a CBD tincture sublingually.

CBD Candy and Capsules

If you want to take CBD in a dose that’s perfectly consistent, it’s hard to beat the pre-measured convenience of CBD gummies or capsules. Whether you take your CBD in the form of a tasty candy or an easy-to-swallow capsule, you’ll love the fact that your CBD dosage is exactly the same every time. The only downside of these pre-measured CBD products is that they cost a bit more than standard CBD oils due to the extra labor involved in creating them.

CBD E-Liquid

If you already vape, you’ll love our CBD e-liquid. It comes in the form of pre-packaged tanks that you can connect to any vaping device. Just inhale and enjoy! While our pre-filled CBD e-liquid tanks do cost a bit more than some other forms of CBD, you can’t beat the convenience of being able to swap from your standard vape tank to a CBD tank whenever you like. An additional benefit is faster absorption; if you want to get CBD into your bloodstream quickly, inhaling it is definitely the ideal choice. When you vape CBD e-liquid, you’ll have the CBD in your bloodstream almost instantly. When you take CBD orally, on the other hand, it might be up to two hours before your digestive system can process it.

CBD Lotion

Did you know that you can also use CBD externally? People buy CBD lotion to apply it directly to areas with redness and inflammation. Some people also use it to fight off acne. One company even makes a CBD lotion designed for application to the back of the neck. Since you’re applying the lotion close to your brainstem, the CBD might begin interacting with your body more quickly than it would if you consumed it orally. An additional benefit of topical CBD is that it bypasses your digestive system and therefore may eliminate any potential worry of interactions with prescription medications. If you’ve taking prescription medications and don’t want to take any risks by adding CBD to your supplement regimen, CBD lotion might be the perfect answer.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a white powder containing almost pure CBD. While a bottle of CBD oil contains far more carrier oil than CBD, CBD isolate contains nothing but CBD. Sprinkle a minute amount on your food to enjoy the benefits of CBD without altering the flavor of your meal. You can also use CBD isolate as an easy way to add CBD to your candies, lotions, oils and other items. Would you like to try making your own CBD products to sell? You can add a bit of CBD isolate to almost anything. Just measure a small amount by weight and stir it in. CBD isolate makes it easy to create CBD products with consistent and reliable doses.

CBD Honey Stick

A CBD honey stick contains a small amount of CBD mixed with honey and packaged in a convenient single-serve tube. To use a CBD honey stick, simply tear the package or cut it open. Pour the tube’s contents into a mug and enjoy a bit of CBD – and a single serving of delicious honey – with your favorite coffee or tea. You could even use it to sweeten a mug of hot cocoa.

CBD Edible Salve

If you’re looking to conclude your experience buying CBD in Pittsburgh by coming home with a product that you can use in more ways than one, you have to try a CBD edible salve. This CBD supplement from Sunsoil functions either as a lotion that you can apply to problem areas of the skin or as a butter-like spread that you can put on pretty much anything. If you’re looking for a CBD product that can give you some serious bang for the buck, you’ve got to take a look at this one.

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