Are you about to enter a Pittsburgh vape shop for the first time? Prepare yourself for an experience that might feel a bit overwhelming at first. If you’re thinking about buying your first e-cigarette or other vaping device from a vape shop, you’ve done enough of your own research to know that you’re not going to get the ideal vaping experience if you buy an e-cigarette from a convenience store. What you may not know, though, is exactly what type of vaping device is right for you. That’s why a bit of expert help can come in handy.

You’re not sure what you want? You’re confused about the difference between a vape tank and an atomizer coil? That’s why we’re here. This is what you can expect from your first Pittsburgh vape shop experience.

Saying Hello

When you enter a vape shop for the first time, you’ll hopefully be greeted by a friendly vaping expert eager to answer questions or help you find a product you’ll like. If you’re not sure what you want and just want to take a moment to view the shop’s selection, don’t be nervous about browsing. If you’ve picked the right vape shop to visit, you’ll find it easy to get an overview of the available products thanks to the shop’s bright lighting and logical organization.

Feel free to ask about the products you see; a good Pittsburgh vape shop employee loves to chat about vaping. You might even learn a thing or two. Most people love to share stories of their journeys from smoking to vaping; you might pick up a few tips that can help make your switch a successful one.

Narrowing Your Choices

If you enter a vape shop for the first time with no idea of what you want, telling an employee a few things about your tastes and history as a smoker or vaper can help that person direct you to a product you’ll probably like. Think about the answers to these questions.

  • Are you still a smoker, or have you already switched to vaping?
  • If you smoke, about how many cigarettes per day do you consume?
  • If you vape, what type of device do you currently use? Are you buying a new device because you’re unhappy with the flavor of your current device or because you’d like a device that produces bigger vapor clouds? Are you using a standard e-cigarette or something with an extremely high nicotine strength like the JUUL?
  • What sorts of flavors appeal to you? Are you looking for something that simulates a standard cigarette or menthol cigarette, or does the idea of a sweet dessert or fruit flavor sound more exciting to you?
  • What is your patience level when it comes to gadgets? Do you need something with pre-filled pods that you can swap out on demand, or are you willing to do a bit of occasional maintenance if it means that your device will produce bigger, more satisfying vapor clouds?
  • What size and shape come to mind when you imagine your ideal vaping device? Would you like something that fits easily in a pocket, or are you willing to use a larger device if it means that you’ll enjoy better battery life and greater compatibility with a variety of different vape tanks?

If you can answer those questions, it shouldn’t take you long at all to select your ideal vaping device.

Choosing Your Vaping Device

If Vapor Connection LLC is the first Pittsburgh vape shop that you choose to visit, we’re likely to steer you toward one of two different types of vaping devices depending on your answers to the questions above. Would you like a sneak peek? Here’s what you can expect with the two most popular types of devices for newer vapers.

Pod Vaping System

If you want a vaping device that’s tiny and user friendly without compromising an ounce of satisfaction, a pod vaping system is you need. If you started vaping using a cigarette-shaped e-cigarette from your local convenience store, the first thing you need to know is that those small e-cigarettes have nothing in common with pod systems. First, a pod system doesn’t use a twist-on cartridge. Instead, it uses a drop-in pod with a window that allows you to see how much e-liquid is left. Pod systems hold more e-liquid than traditional e-cigarettes. They also generate more vapor and have far better battery life – and with all of those benefits, pod systems are still remarkably tiny – and the most important feature is yet to come.

Pod vaping systems are remarkably capable for their small size, but what’s really special about them is the fact that they’re the perfect companions for the nicotine vape juices that are so popular today. Nicotine salt is the latest generation of vape juice that delivers a truly cigarette-like level of satisfaction from a small vaping device. The highest-strength nicotine salt e-liquids are ideal for those who currently smoke, and you can find those e-liquids available by the bottle and in the form of pre-filled pods.

Choosing the best pod vaping system for your needs is a matter of deciding whether your priority is convenience or flexibility and low cost. If you buy a pod system that uses pre-filled pods, you’ll enjoy the convenience of never needing to fill your own pods. If you buy a pod system with refillable pods, you’ll save money since you can buy e-liquid by the bottle.

Vape Pen Starter Kit

If you want a device with even better vapor production and all-day battery life, a vape pen such as the SMOK 22 is your best bet. In addition to the superior performance compared to small pod vaping systems, a vape pen gives you the benefit of a much lower long-term cost of ownership because the tank isn’t disposable. The coil assembly is the only component that you’ll need to swap out from time to time, and atomizer coils for vape pens cost less over time than extra pods for pod devices. If you’re a complete vaping beginner, the only potential downside of vape pens vs. pod vaping systems is that replacing an atomizer coil isn’t quite as easy as replacing a pod. If you’re looking for a device that can produce some big, satisfying vapor clouds, though, you’ll find the extra few seconds of effort worthwhile.

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