Mech mods are awesome. They let you use the full potential of your battery to get the full potential from you’re vaping. Bigger clouds, more flavor, better draws; the benefits of using a mech mod are numerous, and if you’re reading this, then you likely already know. But as with everything, nothing in life is perfect. Vaping a mech, especially if you build sub-ohm, has some very real dangers that are not to be taken lightly.

At Vapor Connection, we do as much as we can to make sure you’re vaping safely when you buy your parts here, but not everyone gets everything here. So we just want to go over a few basic safety precautions that everyone who uses mech mods should be aware of. And to be honest, not just mech mods can fail. Ego batteries fail too, if much less often.

1) Make sure your battery is high quality and get as high amp load as you can. Even if you never build below .9 hms, get  a 30 amp battery at least. Why? The better question is , why not? They don’t cost that much more, and this way, you can go almost as low as you might possibly want in the future. At our vape shop in Pittsburgh, we carry Sony, LG and Imren batteries for a reason: they can handle the high amps you need to use a mech safely.

2) Never carry batteries loose in your pocket. They hit some change, and you’re gonna have a bad day.

Pictured: Bad Day

Pictured: Bad Day


Seriously, it’s that easy. Use a case. That’s why we give them to you.

3) Check your ohms! Make sure it’s not lower than your battery can handle.

4) How do you know if your battery can handle it? Ohm’s Law! Know it! Love it! Live it!  If the math involved is too hard for you, then quite frankly, you should stick to tanks.

5) Marry your batteries to each other if you use more than one at a time. Dual 18650 box mod? Then you should have an even number of batteries. You should also label them in a manner of A1-A2, B1-B2, etc. Always charge them together. Never separate them or mix and match.

6) If your mod gets really hot, pull the battery. If it keeps getting hot, get it away from you, preferably outside. Venting releases some pretty nasty gas you don’t want to be breathing in. Try not to leave it in the mod if you can get it out safely. Even with vent holes, they may not be big enough to release the gas quickly enough to avoid your penny mod becoming a penny pipe bomb.

All in all, the odds of your battery venting are pretty low. There are numerous YouTube videos of people trying to get their batteries to vent and failing. That being said, it’s when you’re not expecting it that disaster happens. And 9 times in 10, it’s completely avoidable. So follow these guidelines and vape safe. If you have any other tips for vaping safe, please, leave them for us in the comment section and we’ll add them to the post.




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